Pallishree Tissue Culture Unit established in 2008 is registered under Department of Biotechnogy, Govt. of India.We are involved in large scale commercial production of different fruits and ornamental plants. Our experienced R&D team are constantly working on standardizing protocols for new ornamental plants.


  • Using the most efficient ways to produce crops that are difficult to propagate by conventional methods
  • Mass multiplying elite varieties of existing and endangered plant species, irrespective of the season
  • Rapid multiplication of elite varieties as per client- Requirement

Fruit Plants

Tissue culture banana ‘Grand Naine’

Pomegranate ‘Super Bhagwa’

Pineapple ‘Queen’ Tissue Culture ornamental plants

Dendrobium Orchid


Philodendron Xanadu ‘Golden’




Benefits of Pallishree Tissue Culture Banana Plants:

  • Plant Tissue Culture, PTC, plants are disease-free, vigorous, uniform & possess high field adaptability
  • Low mortality of PTC plants in the field is ensured by fully hardened saplings in poly-bags.
  • PTC banana plant variants/off-types are observed to be between 0.3 - 1%.
  • Yield ranges depend upon optimal agronomic practices, local agro climatic conditions and adoption of modern irrigation systems. The highest recorded average yield is 45 kg/plant.
  • PTC bananas fetch premium in
  • Farmers are able to recover full value of PTC saplings through sale of daughter